Konzert | Sonntag | 12. November 2023 | 19:30/20 Uhr

Alternate Reality II.

a (non-)festival for cerebral liberation


Eli Wallace prepared piano

Eli Wallace is a pianist, improviser, and composer who resides in Brooklyn, NY, leading his
own projects, collaborating with other like-minded artists, and co-curating the interdisciplinary performance series Invocation. His work as a pianist displays his vast milieu of experiences
from classical, jazz, and free improvisation, incorporating elaborate piano preparations. For
this concert, Wallace will play one extended uninterrupted improvisation utilizing pieces materialized from intentional experimentation with specific piano preparations which define
the content and generate the morphology of the music in the moment.

Drew Wesely electric guitar

Blank Body is an intermedia audiovisual work by Drew Wesely using material drawn from improvisations on prepared guitar and other objects. Shimmering harmonics, string noise, and feedback dance in hypnotic counterpoint immersing the listener in a vivid sonic environment. Blank Body examines fundamental assumptions of the guitar as a sound making object. Playing the guitar with a cello bow and other objects as well as including the pickup and amplification systems as integral parts of the instrument itself opened up a rich potential for polyphony, percussive textural relationships, and a music more centered around timbre and touch emerged.

Dong Zhou +

prepared instruments Dong Zhou is an electroacoustic and multimedia
composer, performance artist, and instrumentalist
residing in Hamburg. Zhou improvises on Found Violin, an improvisation system consisting of prepared instruments, extended techniques, sound objects, live electronics, dramaturgy, and choreography. Alternate Reality II. will be Zhou’s premiere performance with the sporadic trio of Chris Heenan, Dirk Dhonau, and John Hughes. Dong Zhou’s approach and sonic universe osmose the pliant and temporal musical structures the trio of Heenan, Hughes, and Dhonau collectively create.

Chris Heenan

various woodwinds

John Hughes

double bass

Dirk Dhonau

drum set and percussion

Dirk Dhonau, John Hughes, Chris Heenan