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Mud Metamorphoses present the operation of Hamburg City, based on the economic system, develop the exploration of nature in Elbe River, urban planning, and global relationships.

Hamburg City, representing the international harbor, was honored to be named European Green Capital in 2011, the largest port in Germany but also one of the largest in Europe. The wealth built on the port trade, relay to the Elbe deepening project, connecting with benefit from companies and countries. In this city, deposition is not allowed even though
it is a natural phenomenon. The mud was removed and believed it could be sustainably placed in Nordsee.

Mud metamorphosed through human society. Mud as an intermediary, symbolizing the wealth in Hamburg, mud as
a material showing the human desire in globalization, mud
as part of nature returning to Elbe River after removal. The exchange games running with capitalism, relying on inter-national specialization, what kind of value can be approached behind the trade?

Hsu’s work began with the movement between the Elbe river side and the center of Hamburg city. Through site-specific performance and installation, trying to point out the contradictory realism.

Hsu Yi Ting (born 1992) graduated from the School
of Fine Arts at the Taipei National University of the Arts with a master’s degree in fine arts in 2020, prior to that she had participated in a study exchange program at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague.
Her art focuses on the exploration of boundaries in structures of power, and the resistance, manipula-tion, and speculation that occur between the center and margin of institutional cores. She uses perfor-mances to link together what’s inside and outside of these boundaries and seeks to delineate a perspective that is more open and free.

In recent years, Hsu’s work has been shown in Taiwan, Prague, Schönsee, Fukuoka, Shanghai city. Some of her exhibitions include »Getting Closer«, Gladys Lin Project (2022); »Knock the Floor«, YIRI Arts (2022); »Taipei Fine Arts Award 2020«, Taipei Fine Art Museum (2020); »Floating Body ‒ Into the Third Space«, Waley Art (2020); »Disorientation Harmony« – 2020 ArTrend International Perfor-mance Art Festival (2020); »Above«, National Gallery Prague (2019); »The 17th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award«, Taoyuan Arts Center (2019); and »(In)visible Space«, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (2019).

Hsu got grand prize for Mod Microfilm &
Golden Short Film Contest »Click Taiwain« in 2021, honorable mention for Yilan Award in 2021, honorable mention for Taipei Fine Arts Award in 2020, nominated for the 19th Taishin Arts Award in 2020 and selected for the 17th Taoyuan Contem-porary Art Award in 2019. She participated in art residency programs at Japan’s Tsubasa International Guest House in 2019 and the Shanghai Open & Fun Art Village in 2017.

Eröffnung | Donnerstag | 25. August 2022 | 19 Uhr

26. August bis 4. September 2022

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Mud Metamorphoses


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